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Will Your South Suburban Property Tax Bill Sharply Rise in 2024 and Beyond? The Truth about Illinois Property Taxes.

A lot of information has circulated via various social media platforms and mainstream media over the last few months regarding the potential for drastically higher Illinois property tax bills that will become due in 2024 and beyond. 

For the South Suburbs specifically, an increase in the property tax bill may seem alarming, and frightening quite frankly for some, because property taxes are already seemingly exorbitantly high.   

There are a few reliable and accurate sources available for the public to help explain property taxes, as an example, a 39-page Property Tax primer written by the Treasurer's office, but in today’s busy society, many citizens don’t get an opportunity to read through all the information. 

As a fully engaged, civically active South Suburban property taxpayer for more than 20 years, I can assure you that there is a significant amount of incorrect information circulated, sometimes even at the government level.

Nevertheless, I have prepared a short video to help taxpayers, specifically South Suburban taxpayers, understand how the property tax bill is determined…not to mention help you determine if your future bills will skyrocket as has been purported.

If you are a South Suburban homeowner and have questions about your Property Tax Bill, please take a moment to review the Illinois Property Tax Primer.  If you are a resident of Country Club Hills, IL., I encourage you to reach out to me for a full review of your Property Tax Bill.

Vaughn Harrison is an Engineering and Program Management Professional who has more than 15 years of experience in global organizations.  He currently operates as a consultant providing data-driven solutions to help businesses and governments (local and federal) develop strategies for growth and sustainability.  In addition, because of his love for community and economic development, he also provides services as a Construction, Real Estate, and Development Consultant, helping various clients achieve Construction, Real Estate (Vaughn has a Managing Real Estate Broker License in Illinois), and Development solutions.   He is a stark individualist and thrives off living his mantra, “Disrupting and Transforming the Status Quo”.  

Link to Illinois Property Tax Primer: Property Tax Primer

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