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Strategic Alignment


Success starts with a clearly defined strategy aligned with the VISION, OBJECTIVES, and desires of stakeholders. 

When an enterprise expends resources on activities, yet fails to deliver the expected enterprise-wide desired results, it is probable that efforts are not aligned with the strategic objectives of the organization.  Further, sometimes enterprises operate in "survival mode" exclusively reacting to issues based on interpreted "urgencies" because of an ABSENT STRATEGY or VISION.

Vaughn is passionately focused on helping to identify and/or create the vision and strategic objectives of the enterprise in order to achieve desired results and evolve beyond operating in "survival mode".

Program Management


Program Management focuses on the identification, management, and execution of interrelated projects specifically aligned with strategic objectives of the business and stakeholders. It is uniquely different than Project Management in that it is focused on business outcomes instead of individual activities. It is intensely strategic in its process methodologies and focuses on the high-level business needs and objectives for the overall success and direction of the enterprise.  

As a Program Management Consultant, Vaughn leads and supports in the identification of the correct measurable initiatives (Roadmap) that should be executed for the overall success of the enterprise. Further, to ensure delivery of results, Vaughn has the flexibility of immersing himself at the working level to gain an in-depth understanding of organizational needs. 

Networking Event
Project Management



Whether you are seeking a Project Professional to manage your Commercial or Residential Real Estate Development Project(s), manage your municipality project(s), deliver a new product or service, or anything in-between, Vaughn has the experience and ability to execute deliverables and COLLABORATE at the "working-level" to ensure fundamental project constraints do not impede delivery of your project objectives.  

Problem Prevention and Problem Solving


The 21st Century hyper-competitive global economy no longer accommodates an enterprise while it seeks a solution for a controllable realized risk. Vaughn's philosophy and approach is to develop systems and processes that are robust enough to deliver zero defects, thereby preventing problems from ever occurring (Mizenboushi approach).


Even Six Sigma systems are allowed 3.4 Defects Per Million Opportunities.  When problems do arise, Vaughn leverages time-tested, globally proven methodologies (e.g. Six Sigma, Shainin) to identify the root cause and implement corrective actions of problems.

Systems Engineering

Systems engineering bridges Engineering, Engineering Management, and Project Management together to design, integrate, and manage complex systems over their lifecycles. Systems engineering deals with work-processes, optimization methods, and risk management tools in complex projects to deliver sustainable results.

Vaughn leverages the depth of his Engineering and Project Management Education and Experience to assemble and implement the synergies necessary to execute complex systems for optimum results.  

Industries Served


  • Government

  • Community and Economic Development

  • Private Sector

  • Construction

  • Infrastructure and Development

  • Manufacturing

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