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In a post-COVID, globally connected world on the edge of potentially sentient AI,

NOTHING is the same.

Vaughn is a data and research-minded, solutions-focused Professional who specializes in solving problems and developing realistic sustainable strategies for tangible benefits.  Exercising discretion and judgment, Vaughn leverages the depth and breadth of his experience in Engineering, Program Management, Project Management, Data Analysis, and Disciplined Problem-solving to deliver innovative solutions that require intellectual power, and advanced knowledge and education across industries.

Unmotivated by being in the public eye, receiving approval, or being accepted; Vaughn makes and implements intelligent, data-supported decisions, regardless of dogmas, public opinion, or archaic ideologies…for SOLUTIONS.


Piercing through landscapes that have created environments of mediocrity and distrust…

Disrupting and transforming the status quo…

Vaughn Harrison   



Well prepared to deliver results.  

Contact Vaughn for your strategic solution. 

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