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When you have a complex business problem that requires an understanding of the root cause, and you need to implement a solution to prevent recurrence;

When you need an unbiased and a data-driven perspective that will lead to results;

When you have exhausted internal improvement efforts that have yielded little to no return; 


Vaughn is a strategically focused Program and Project Management Professional bridging the technical and critical-thinking depth of Engineering with globally recognized Program and Project Management methodologies, Six Sigma strategies, and Lean methods to successfully develop and deliver solutions.  With an added depth of experience in both Reliability and Quality Engineering, Vaughn leverages the power of data and analytics to properly assess, substantiate, and deliver solutions for maximum return as aligned with strategic objectives. 

Unmotivated by being in the public eye or receiving approval, Vaughn does not make decisions based on dogma or the popular public opinion.

Data-minded and disciplined.


Piercing through political landscapes that have created environments of mediocrity and distrust.


Vaughn Harrison, Disrupting and Transforming the Status Quo. 



Well prepared to deliver results.  

Contact Vaughn for your strategic solution. 

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